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duarte real estateMuch of Duarte is made up of residential neighborhoods, and until recently, had a very small business district. Duarte is a commuter town since most residents in the workforce are employed outside of the city. There has been a recent influx of corporate stores opening up within Duarte, including a Best Buy, WalMart, Target, CarMax, which is starting to bring much more revenue into the city. As a part of the Metro Gold Line extension, the city will be opening a center platform station within the city of Duarte. With a new form of mass transportation in and out of the city, Duarte will maintain it’s position as a place for which it’s residents can peacefully live in a safe, quite neighborhood while holding a career outside of the suburb.


There is an adjoining, and considerably more affluent city, Bradbury. Northbound of Duarte, Bradbury uses the same school district and municipal services as Duarte. With a population of approximately 1000 people, Bradbury is a much smaller city primarily consisting of equestrian estates located within gated communities.