Minnie Mouse Chocolate Caramel Apples | DIY How to Instructions

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Minnie mouse caramel chocolate apples

Minnie mouse caramel chocolate apples

INGREDIENTS:Minnie mouse caramel chocolate applesApples
Lollipop Sticks
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
White chocolate chips
Bow shaped chocolate mold
Wax Paper

I made 30 Minnie Mouse Caramel Chocolate Apples for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, and they were a huge hit with both the kids and the adults. I used the leftover chocolate that I had at the end to dip pretzel rods and rice crispy treats for the party. You can have fun experimenting and dipping different foods to serve.

green-caramel-apple-recipePick your apple variety. I chose green apples because I like how the tartness contrasts with the sweet caramel and chocolate. For this recipe you should use 24 apples.






caramel-for-dipped-apples2. Insert the lollipop stick through the center of the apple and dip the apples in caramel. I use Peter’s Caramel brand, which I purchased from a store called Jane’s Cakes and Chocolates in La Canada Flintridge, CA. Any brand of caramel should work fine. I microwaved on low power, stopping every minute to stir.  I had added a few tablespoons of mile to the bowl to get the consistency a little thinner. Try not to dip the apple all the way, leaving about 1/2 to 1 inch of exposed apple at the top by the lollipop stick because that’s where you will adhere the marshmallow. The marshmallow won’t stick well to the caramel surface or will start to move down the side of the apple.

how-to-dyi-minnie-mickey-mouse-caramel-apples3. Cut/nick a corner off of marshmallows. However many apples you have double the amount of marshmallows as you will use two for each one. Use the exposed cut part of the marshmallow and adhere it to the top sides of the apple for Minnie’s ears. The marshmallow should stick to the apple very easily.

(This step can be done ahead of time) Using a chocolate bow shaped mold, melt a half a cup of the pink chocolate into the molds. You could also use white chocolate and add 2-3 drops of pink food dye. Wait for the chocolate to harden and remove the bows.

4. Melt a 1 lb bag of milk chocolate. Dip the apples into the milk chocolate, coating the entire apple and marshmallows. Add a pink bow to the top of each apple in the center, before the milk chocolate hardens to the apple. If you want to skip this step you can always tie a pink bow at the base of the lollipop stick instead of a pink chocolate one.

merckens-pink-melting-chocolate5. Melt about half of a 1lb bag of pink white chocolate. I used Merken’s Pink Colored White Chocolate from Jane’s Cakes Store, but Michael’s also sells a white chocolate brand called Wilton’s which will work as well. Dip about half of the apple into the pink chocolate as leveled as you can to create Minnie’s skirt. Adhere about 5-6 white chocolate chips to the pink chocolate before it hardens, to create the polka-dots.


diy-minnie-mouse-caramel-applesLet the Apples fully harden on wax paper and store them in the refrigerator until serving. It’s best to store the apples uncovered because the chocolate will sweat a little and you don’t want them to stick to anything. They can be stored and will stay fresh in the fridge for up to a week. Enjoy! Feel free to contact me with any questions on this recipe and have fun!

Erica Rivas



Minnie mouse caramel chocolate apples

Minnie mouse caramel chocolate apples

This is a great how to video to watch if you need a better visual of how to create them. The video is from Marceline’s Confectionary in Downtown Disney in Anaheim. At Marceline’s they coat Minnie’s “skirt” in colored candy crystals. I chose just pink chocolate instead.